NASM CPT All-Star Package by Trainer Academy

NASM CPT All-Star Package

The NASM All-star package consists of the NASM study guide, 5 full NASM practice tests, 6 Domain quizzes, and 1100 NASM intelligent flashcards. 

What's included?

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NASM Study Guide
NASM Study Guide 6th Ed.pdf
521 KB
NASM Intelligent Flashcards
Information on Accessing Intelligent Flashcards
NASM Practice Tests
Information on the 5 NASM Practice exams
NASM Practice Test 1
NASM Practice Test 2
NASM Practice Test 3
NASM Practice Test 4
NASM Practice Test 5
Information on the Randomized NASM Practice Exam
NASM Randomized Test
Information on the NASM Practice Quizzes
NASM Domain 1: Basic and applied sciences in nutritional concepts
NASM Domain 2: Assessment
NASM Domain 3: Program design
NASM Domain 4: Exercise technique and training instruction
NASM Domain 5: Client relations and behavioral coaching
NASM Domain 6: Professional development and responsibility

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