CSCS MVP Package

CSCS study guide, Answers, 3 CSCS practice tests, 1000 flashcards, Audio guide, mnemonics, a cheat sheet, and our exam pass guarantee. 

CSCS All-Star Package

The CSCS All-star package consists of the CSCS study guide, 3 full CSCS practice tests, 6 Domain quizzes + 1,000 CSCS intelligent flashcards

CSCS Rookie Package

Study guide only. Memorizing a 650+ page textbook is daunting. The Premium CSCS study guide shows you exactly what you need to study.

CSCS Practice Tests

3 complete 220 question practice tests will help you understand the test structure and get you to use to how CSCS words their questions. 

CSCS Intelligent Flashcards

Our intelligent flashcards use Spaced repetition learning (SRL) and is the key to help you memorize difficult topics and definitions. 1,000 

CSCS Audio guide + PDF Guide + Mnemonics

This package consists of the CSCS audio study guide, the CSCS PDF study guide, and the magic mnemonics.

CSCS Mnemonics

Memorize the most difficult parts of the CSCS exam by making unbreakable connections between the study concepts and my magic mnemonics. Reme

CSCS Cheat Sheet

The CSCS cheat sheet has the most important information that you need to focus on right before the exam. This all fits on one handy sheet.